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English for Bank & SSC

Nowadays all competition exams including IBPS Bank Exam  SBI PO/ Clerk exams have one subject in common; Test of English Language. Whether we like it or not, English has gained a strong presence in India with everyone speaking a bit of it. So banking  govt. organizations are also looking for candidates to possess a basic level of english to communicate with their customers.

We are getting many emails from bank & ssc exam aspirants asking us on how to prepare for English test. Here is our answer to them : It is not a language that can be learnt in a day or two  have to be practiced over a certain period of time, But from the exams point of view, we have listed the important topics in English to concentrate while preparing for the banking exams.

Topics to Cover English for Bank & SSC Course:

The below list is not definitive but concentrating on these chapters will help you to attend at least 90% of the paper.

  • Reading Comprehension : (answer based on the given passage) Questions would not be direct  hence have to understand the passage to answer.
  • Usage of words  : Fill in the blanks with a correct word from the choices
  • Synonyms  Antonyms :  A phrase may be given asking you to choose a single word similar or opposite in meaning.
  • Tenses : (past, present, future  their variations)  example : gave, give, giving, had given, have been giving
  • Sentence formation :  complete the sentence by selecting the best words from options
  • Error spotting : (finding grammatical errors in a sentence)
  • Ordering : (random sentences to be arranged in a sequential manner)
  • Preposition : (above, down, under, between, till etc.,)
  • Conjunctions : (and, but, or, yet, although, since etc.)
  • Cloze Test: Choose the correct meaningful word according to the passage  complete the sentence.   The above were compiled by referring previous bank  govt exams conducted by various different organizations.
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