English in simple word is a language that is spoken worldwide, known as universal language. it is considered to be one of the most important languages in the world, in present time. It is the part of study all over the world.


In these days, as people are moving abroad to pursue their study or for business or as they want to spread their business around world, they have to speak English. Hence, English works as a bridge to resolve the problem of communication and helps the students and others to survive in foreign.

The English Lingua was established in the year 2003 with a vision of imparting the fluency skills of the English Language. The English Lingua Delhi’s premier academy for teaching Communicative Language Courses. Recognizing the importance of English Language Fluency to the success of every career, The English Lingua has introduced a range of programs to enhance English communication skills for Individual. The English Lingua English training programs are designed to help ‘ working executives , college students school students & House wives’ move beyond the rules of grammar and talk smart. People with poor English Speaking Abilities, who wish to move ahead in life, will benefit the most from these English Proficiency Programs.

Our staff is committed to giving you a great and a different learning experience with ensured results. we have a group of qualified and experienced trainers who are committed to helping you with all your training needs, from curriculum modification to giving extra attention to individual needs, our trainers are committed to seeing that your training is complete and that your individual goals are met.

The success of the Institution is because of

  • Good Spoken English
  • Confident Attitude
  • Craving for stability
  • Willingness to follow procedures
  • Pleasant Voice

The English Lingua Learning Method :

  1. Our learning methods are quite simple and make it easy for learners of any level. We test your language level before you start learning. It helps us understand your learning requirement. You join a small group of learners whose level of English matches yours. This makes each learner feel ‘equal’ and therefore comfortable with all other learners.
  2. Instructors help you build confidence in the language by encouraging you to speak. They do not criticize you for making mistakes. You are expected to ask questions and clear your doubts every step of the way. You are guided and encouraged to correct yourself.
  3. Each class consists of not more than 12 students. This makes it easy to be heard and form friendly groups to practice with techniques such as pair and group work.

Our Learning Centre features :

  • Best infrastructure with an updated library and audio lab with latest books & cassettes.
  • Unique & exclusive study material.
  • Organized classes and flexible batches.
  • Unique and comprehensive training to crack all sections of IELTS exam.
  • Experienced & best faculty in the industry.
  • Personalized attention to each student.